Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Bargain Midi Dress

So as I've mentioned before, as a student, I am trying to fuel my shopping addiction on a serious budget. Because I can't face the idea of kicking my addiction altogether I am forever on the lookout for a bargain. Yesterday I definitely found one in Catch in Manor Mills Maynooth. I found this fab neon pink, orange and black midi dress for €10! Now I wasn't really sure if I could pull off the midi dress, as I'm quite tall and thin I thought I might resemble Olive Oil, Popeye's wife, not the condiment! I thought for €10 now was my chance to see if I could pull off the look. Admittedly it's not exactly "midi" on me, it just hits my knees, but I really like the length. I was initially sceptical of the fabric as it was quite thin and I was afriad it would cling to all the wrong places but after trying it on, I can safely say it is very flattering and I don't feel every lump and bump is on show! I origianlly bought this as a "going out" dress but I've since tried it on with white "converse" style high tops and loved the look. I think I will get lots of wear out of this forboth day and night. Catch had a whole rack of midi dresses for €10 and I have a feeling I'll be back stocking up on more very soon!