Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Pink sparkle nails

I love having my nails done. I do them every colour, have had gel nails, acrylics and pharmacy diy fake nails. I'm not a big fan of having my nails "undone", so a few times a week I change my nail varnish and often buy new brands to try them all out. NYC is a brand I am loving at the moment. Available in a few pharmacies around the country and in some Penneys (the one on Mary Street for sure anyway). Apparently nothing in this brand costs over €3.99? I think. And the quality of what I have tried is not bad at all. Today I've done my nails in their "In a New York Colour Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish" in the shade Lincoln Square Lavender. Firstly I love the colour, although it's called Lavender, its more pink than purple. It's not an in-your-face kind of pink either, just a kind of dusky girly pink. It has a super shine, which I love in a nail varnish! It also dries pretty quickly which is great, you don't have to worry about smudging your nails a half hour after you have painted them. And, the most important thing to me in a nail varnish, staying power, no you won't still be sporting perfect nails with this nail varnish, but it did stay completely chip free for at least three days, which is usually long enough for me to get sick of the colour anyway. At least with this I changed my nail varnish because I got bored rather than because my nail varnish was horribly chipped like I often do. So yeah, over all, a big thumbs up for this nail varnish and at €1.29 its definitely worth a try at least.

So today I gave myself pink glitter nails. How girly! But there you go.
So first I started with a two coats of NYC Lincoln Square Lavender polish
So that's the colour of the polish after two coats. You could get away with one cot, but I always use two, no matter what the brand as I think it gives it a nicer finish.

I then coated each nail in clear polish (I use Sally Hansen "Miracle Cure", I also use it as a base coat) and then dipped each nail in this gorgeous mother of pearl colour glitter I got in Penneys as part of a four stack for €1.50.
The glitter I used

And the finished product!
And there you have it. Not everybody's cup of tea, but I love them! They have resulted in glitter getting everywhere though, but that's the price you have to pay for sparkle!

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