Monday, 3 June 2013

Seventeen "Instant Glow" Shimmer Brick

Now I don't know much about bronzers, I tend to stick to blusher and embrace my pale Irish skin. The furthest I usually go with a bronzer is a quick sweep of Rimmel's Sun Shimmer in the light matte shade if I feel my face is looking very pale. However, after seeing many bloggers raving about various different bronzers they use, I began to feel I may be mssing out on something here so went on a search for a cheap, shimmery, subtle bronzer - not an easy task mind you! I think of all things, good bronzers are quite difficult to find in pharmacies. Maybe it's because I'm quite pale so it's difficult to get a colour to suit. Anyway, I finally settled on Seventeen's "Instant Glow" Shimmer Brick in the colour "Pink Bronze". I liked the colour of it when I swatched it on my hand and for €6.99, I couldn't leave it go!

Now if you want shimmer, this is for you! It's very, very shimmery, well to me it is anyway. I'm not usually one for shimmer, but I thought I should add some to my make up collection for summer. This is perfect for what I wanted it for - a subtle glow for summer.

The colour is very subtle. So for those looking for a deeper glow, this may not be for you, however there is another colour available which I think is called "Golden Bronze", which I felt was probably a bit too dark for me. The brick is made up of four different shades - two more bronze shades and two pinker shades. The pinky shades, along with the shimmer give a more glowy effect rather than a tanned look, which I like. I aim my brush for the two bronze shades and the darker pink when I'm applying it and I think that this swept along my cheekbones and temples followed by a subtle blush (I've been mostly using MAC's "Dame") gives me the perfect summer glow.

Ok, it's probably not the greatest quality bronzer and I could probably get something far superior in a high end brand, but for €6.99 you can't go wrong and it's certainly doing the job of giving a subtle summer glow to an absolute bronzer novice like me.

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